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Download A Trilogy: The Dream, The Tower, The Gatekeeper [PDF]

A Trilogy: The Dream, The Tower, The Gatekeeper
Adapted from The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz.
The Chymical Wedding was originally written in German by Johann Valentin Andreae in 1603 and was translated into English in 1690. These one–act plays depict the experiences of a lively Elder occurring over a period of seven days. Each play has a cast of 9 or 10; the set is the same for all three plays: there is a six–sided platform with a flat door that opens on the top, a small platform, blue concave–shaped curtains, and two pillars wreathed with roses. These dramas follow the text of the 17th Century translation accurately and are full of action. The plays have considerable costume and prop requirements; and while the set is simplistic, good lighting is essential.

A Trilogy - Three One Act Plays

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