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From the Studio Editions Dramas

The verse of the Nuclear Scientist, from The Descent - Southwest Journey.

Nuclear Scientist:

We were all astonished to learn there is an afterlife, there is a hell,
And equally astonished to find ourselves here!
New arrivals are invariably distressed, and their alarms we quell
With assurances that ours is a most fascinating sphere.
The masters of disintegration exceed in reality our wildest theories.
Fragmentation of our intellects following death a master seer
Restores for the use of all, and not one of us ever wearies
Of processes of transmutation through radioactive decay.
We learn and utilize here what we once regarded as heresies.

There was no factor of soul or spirit at Los Alamos in our day,
Nor any equation including conscience or morality.
A vague guideline, a "deterrence doctrine," gave us our way
For the creation of a weapon of war that in its totality
Was of unprecedented power, with vast release of energy.
In the world contest of devastation, we had the plurality,
Our combined brain weights made for a matchless synergy.
We barely acknowledged we were changing history for all time,
As indeed proved the deadly fact after the test at Trinity.

Here we assume personal responsibility for transforming the slime
That surrounds us with changes in nuclear configurations.
Ours is the opportunity to alter electro-magnetic radiations and refine
The environment through sub-natural atomic transmutations.
We will make the worlds above and below a better place to live!...
The spirits of disintegration encourage our instigations
On behalf of improvements, they assure us they will forgive
Our bold-faced intrusions in their sphere of decrepitude.
Death's survival enables us, eternally, radioactively, to give!....

Read all previous Selected Verses in our Selected Verse Archives.

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