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Intuitive Meetings Books I & II

From the Preface

Intuitive Meetings Book II is intended to complement the first book. Some comparisons are made between the experiences described in the first book and portions of the content of Rudolf Steiner's lecture, Three Decisions on the Path of Imagination Knowledge: Loneliness, Fear, and Dread. Book II will begin with the events of December 1981, and will provide details of subsequent events not previously brought to light. Events and experiences from the time period of the summer of 2005 onward are described, as well as the emergence and work of the Brunnen von Christus Group.

While a password is required, there is no cost to read the book. Please contact me to request the password.
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Intuitive Meetings, Book I, is available as a PDF and can be sent as an email attachment upon request to the address below. Book I is 33 pages in length.
[email protected]

As with the User Name and Password for Book II, please allow two or three days for a response.

Intuitive Meetings, Books I and II, Copyright 2005, 2009 by Martha Keltz

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